Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming, Fall 2021

Course Contents

Topic Slides and Video Recordings
Lecture 1. Introduction and Basics [PDF] [PPTX] [UTorPlay]
Lecture 2. Parallel Processing and Multicores [PDF] [PPTX] [UTorPlay]
Lecture 3. Memory Hierarchy and Cache [PDF] [PPTX] [UTorPlay]
Lecture 4. Caches and Main Memory Fundamentals [PDF] [PPTX] [UTorPlay]
Lecture 5. Main Memory. DRAM [PDF] [PPTX] [UTorPlay]
Lecture 6. GPU Architecture and Programming [PDF] [PPTX] [UTorPlay]
Lecture 7. DNN Training and Inference [PDF] [PPTX] [UTorPlay]
Lecture 8. Memory Consistency [PDF] [PPTX]