General Course Information


Professor Gennady Pekhimenko

Teaching Assistant

Bojian Zheng

Lectures 1
Mon. 1:00-3:00 p.m.
Mon. 10:00-11:00 a.m.
Discussion Board



Lectures and tutorials will be recorded and later uploaded to UofT MyMedia and YouTube.

Course Description

The goal of this course is introduce students to the theoretical and practical aspects of building optimizing compilers that effectively exploit modern architectures. The course will begin with the fundamentals of compiler optimization, and will build upon these fundamentals to address issues in state-of-the-art commercial and research machines. Topics include the followings: intermediate representations, basic blocks and control flow graphs, dataflow analysis, partial redundancy elimination, loop optimizations, register allocation, instruction scheduling, inter-procedural analysis, memory hierarchy optimizations, extracting parallelism, and dynamic optimizations. Students will implement significant optimizations within LLVM, a modern research compiler framework.


This course is not supposed to be your first C/C++ course. Previous knowledge on compiler frontend is recommended but not required. If you feel uncertain about whether you are adequately prepared to take this class, please discuss this with the instructor.

Course Work and Grading

  • Assignments (45%)

    A major focus of this course is the assignments. We prefer that you work in groups of two on the assignments. The assignments will contain both programming and theoretical questions. There will be three assignments, each worth 15% of your final grade. The first assignment will be distributed on Jan. 11 and it will introduce you to the LLVM compiler framework.

  • Midterm (20%) and Final Exam (35%)

    There will be a midterm exam covering the first half of the course material and a final covering the whole. Both exams will be closed book, closed notes 2.


Please note that due to the situation of the pandemic, the exams will most likely happen online. We will announce more details on this later.